Spatial Network Solutions was formed in 2004, and is dedicated to providing products and services to the electric utility industry. Our guiding business principle is that adding value to the customer leads to competitive advantage and profit. Furthermore, customer value is best added through intimate customer relationships and disciplined business/engineering processes. Spatial Network Solutions is comprised of individuals who have a long history of developing software specifically for the electric utility industry. Many of our team members spent years with Gentry Systems and Autodesk, developing well known tools like GenMap, GenStake, and AUD. It is this experience and a shared desire to produce the highest quality software that inspired us to form Spatial Network Solutions. Since our formation we have dedicated ourselves to providing quality solutions and ensuring our customers complete satisfaction.

Our Vision

Create raving fans of our customers by taking exceptional pride in our work.

Our Values

People First

People are the purpose of business. People and their ideas provide the creative force which produces software. Both employees and clients are critical in this regard. As such, people, and their knowledge and skills, make up the greatest asset that any software company can possess.


SNS will create a culture of continuous improvement, measuring each internal and external customer's satisfaction, and analyzing and addressing satisfaction gaps.


Honesty is the basis of trust, which is a necessary component of a successful business, whether between the business and its employees, customers, or even its competitors.


For people to consistently achieve excellence, they must continually learn.

Adapting To The Future

We'll be here to fit your business' needs. Everyone at Spatial Network Solutions is committed to providing product and service quality by putting our customers first.

Our Team

John Yetter
Chief Executive Officer

John brings diverse software engineering management experience to Spatial Network Solutions. He has directly managed resources from every functional area of software development; product designers, software engineers, quality assurance engineers, and technical publication specialists.

He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics and a Master’s of Science in Applied Physics. As a senior software engineer for Gentry Systems, John contributed to the GenMap and AUD products for three years. He then worked for Autodesk where he managed a software engineering team, and finally the Autodesk Map product design team.

He believes that product and service quality derived from strong customer focus is the most certain path to success for any business. As such, he is committed to following the teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the founder of the modern, continuous, quality improvement movement.

Away from work, John and his wife, Tonya, are foster and adoptive parents. They have helped twenty-one children over the last three years, and currently have two boys (Theo, age five and Shane, age six).

Chuck Wilbur
Chief Technology Officer

Chuck is the lead architect and developer for our first product, NuMap. Chuck brings six years of experience in C++ software development to SNS, including over a year with the original GenMap and three years at Autodesk. He has written code for GenMap, AUD, GenTCA, and Autodesk Map itself. While at Autodesk, he was exposed to the intricacies of writing ARX application for AutoCAD to a degree not available to most third-party developers. This experience has shaped some of the advanced features available in NuMap.

Chuck earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and completed some post-graduate work at Northern Illinois University before being hired by Gentry Systems in early 1998.

Currently, Chuck is writing the code for NuMap. In the future, Chuck hopes to form a programming team at SNS that will surpass any he has worked with before in terms of skill, efficiency and excellence of code output.

Chuck and his wife enjoy dining out, tennis, long walks, and the occasional movie.

Linda Veit
Manager of Design Services

Linda has tremendous knowledge of mapping software used by electric utilities. She joined Gentry systems as their fourth employee in 1987. While at Gentry, Linda wore many hats, working in services, product support, training, documentation and product development. She worked on every Gentry release and every Gentry product. After Gentry, Linda was an Engineering Manager at Autodesk. There she continued to work on the Gentry product line, as well as Autodesk Map.

She graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.

At Spatial Network Solutions, Linda’s work includes technical support and quality assurance. She combines a keen attention to detail with a delightfully personable demeanor. This allows her to lead the development team through the rigorous analysis of complex issues, which are essential for the development of a high quality product.

When not at work, Linda likes spending time with her family and working on their farm.

Jim Bower
Senior Software Engineer

Jim has over five years experience developing applications for the utility industry, as well as experience providing training and software customization. Additionally, Jim has ten years experience in distribution design at Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC). Prior to joining NOVEC Jim served a tour of duty in the United States Marine Corp. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Strayer University.

As a software engineer for Gentry Systems and Autodesk, he contributed to the development of the Autodesk Utility Design product. Jim’s contributions to this product were both as a programmer and as an invaluable subject matter expert, due to his vast experience in electric utility design and operations. This double specialization makes Jim uniquely qualified for solution development within the electric utility industry.

In his off hours, he enjoys softball and golf. With his recent relocation to Minnesota, Jim has also taken up the sport of fishing.

Chris Arsenault
Software Engineer

Chris is a recent graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Engineering Physics. Chris began programing at a young age, with his first serious project being the design and implementation of an operating system for a high school senior project. During college he worked with the Mu2e project as a hardware/software integration engineer for the 2009 proton energy spectrum measurement at the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland.

Chris' experience with mapping software goes back to 2004 when he was a high school intern at Autodesk working with the Map team. He repeated this experience for a year as a full time intern during a year away from college, further solidifying his knowledge of mapping software and Autodesk products. He joined Spatial Network Solutions in the summer of 2010 as a software engineer.

While not working Chris enjoys playing bass guitar, tinkering with electronics, and sampling craft/micro-brewed beers.

Anne Rohrbacker

Anne has worked for Spatial Network Solutions since February 2009. She worked as a temp for the first 10 months, and was hired as a permanent part-time associate in January 2010. She is the company’s Treasurer and is primarily responsible for bookkeeping, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

Anne brings to the team over 5 years of banking experience and 5 years of professional administrative experience. Her work history includes the bank mergers between Boatmen’s National Bank/ NationsBank and NationsBank/Bank of America.

Anne is happily married with a daughter and a son. They keep her and her husband, Tim, very busy with their extra-curricular activities. Anne also volunteers at her children’s schools, is Treasurer and Advancement Coordinator of her son’s Cub Scout Pack, as well as sings in a band, and plays drums.

Laura Decker
Administration/QA Testing

Laura has over 20 years of experience in a wide range of information system, Internet, production, and administrative services. Starting at Pacific Bell Directory in San Francisco as an Editorial/Proofreading Assistant, she then moved into web and print production for MiX Media in San Francisco. Her most recent position was manager of the Online Services Department for a large Northern California auction house.

In her free time, Laura likes to cook, read, go to movies with her husband, and drive her 2 daughters to non-stop sports practices and games.